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ChaunRun SPMG Udrills Dia 8mm to 50mm (2D, 3D and 4)

60.00 60.00

High Quality Udrill Available at Lowest Price.

These udrills for SPMG Inserts only.

2D, 3D and 4D

Dia 10 to 50 mm

Title Range Discount
Discount as per quantity 100 - 199 5%
Discount as per quantity 200 - 499 10%
Discount as per quantity 500 - 999 15%
Discount as per quantity 1000 - 9999 20%
Discount as per quantity 10000 - 20000 30%
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A U drill is a type of drill that uses carbide inserts. These inserts are easy to replace and are cost-effective. U drills are also called shallow hole drills. They are used in CNC machining centers and high-speed machining applications. They are used to embed heat pipes and make deeper holes or cavities through axial cuts.

U drills are different from ordinary drills because they use blades, including a peripheral blade and a center blade. They are used in CNC lathes and special purpose machines.


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